Suicide Squad

Ostrander is returning with a new Suicide Squad mini.

Suicide Squad is a GREAT concept, but - man - do some of these guys ever fuck this book up.

I can think of three Suicide Squad stories that were even worth buying - THREE - and that's about it.

I say Knee and I should write this book.

No, John Ostrander did great work with it.

In fairness to DC, they technically reintroduced the Squad in Checkmate back in like October.

They set the stage with Atom Smasher in JSA like two years ago or some shit.

the late 80's/early 90's series was probably teh best book at teh time...then when they re-did it recently they realy didn't end has teh most potential for turning morts in to studs...........

dude they turned captain boomerang in to a badass.......


Imo the best Suicide Squad lineups are full of morts.

When Ostrander was doing the book it was the best thing being put out at the time, and still holds up.

I am extremely happy.