a friend of mines saids that if you commit suicide then you will go to hell, he said it is not allowed, he is this true? I dont think that you go to hell, but my question is if in christianity is it a big no no?

Yes, it is a big no-no on Christian culture.

Suicides were not allowed to be buried on sacred ground - now that cemeteries belong to the government (at least in Brazil), it doesn´t matter anymore.

Under the spiritist doctrin, suicide is not a good choice, but the person is not condemned to hell for eternity.

First, the person soon realize that there is no death, therefore, the person cannot scape from itself.

Second, the person will have to wait until the amount of physical energy, which were received to reencarnate, be wasted, and it is a painful way to do it, in general: revive all the pain that caused the death for, in average, the same time the person would have to live still.

Third, whatever was the problem that caused this action, it will only be worsen on the next reencarnation.

There are special spiritual hospitals to host these people, after they spent a time in a hell-like place wasting that physical energy. The reencarnation usualy brings a damage to the new body. One example is, the suicidal shot himself on his ear, he may be born deaf on that ear. This is a tiny example that doesn´t cover all the possibilities for the consequences of a suicide. There are also the psychological consequences.

I could write more, but not now.

but how and why did this come about, is it in the bible or is it something that came later on?

Suicide = self murder. Highest form of murder possible. You are not buried in a cemetary, you lose your portion in the world to come, and you'll have a long time to think about what you did.


murder? but isnt it your own life? Is this in the bible? if not who decreeded this or whatever?

Since you did not create and give yourself life, you do not have the right to take life from yourself.

is that in the bible or where?

The only circunstance where taking its own life is accepted is when it is the only option to save another person´s life.

Wait, wait, wait...

Someone please show me a biblical reference where suicide is more of a sin than any other.

Responsa Vol. L Num 4 1998. It has all the refrences in the Bible, Mishna and Talmud on suicide.

hate to keep harping on it but i have not fond anything yet, does anyone know where in the bible?


The links you provided did not answer the question. "Is suicide more of a sin than any other?"

Is suicide worse than completely wreckless behavior causing loss of life?

What if you die trying to save the life of someone else, even if you knew it was hopeless?

A behaviour that may cause a premature death is also considered suicide. It can be labeled as an indirect suicide.

Basicaly every kind of excess can fit in this description.