Suit jacket sizing

OG answered my ant issue, next suit jacket...

Going to a wedding in a month and I just bought a suit jacket/blazer 

Fits perfectly except for the arms. It looks like I have shoulder pads on due to the sleeves being too tight. I'm 5'9 so if I size up I feel like it'll look dopey but the sleeves will fit. Could a tailor fix the tight sleeve issue?

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Don’t worry, it’ll ride up with wear

Everyman should know a tailor who is familiar with your body shape. An expert tailor is worth more then his weight in gold when trying to look your best. A good tailor can make a $200 suit look and feel like a $1,000 dollar suit. 

If it doesn’t fit in the shoulders and arms, a tailor can’t fix it. That’s the one area they can’t fix.

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I have the same problem.

My torso is a small/medium. But my bicepts are 3XL.

Hard to find a proper suit.

You need an “athletic fit” suit. Larger arm holes.

You’re welcome…