Suloev vs Kang / Barreto fight 2mo

M-1 is tomorrow with the following fights w/ my picks. What are yours?

Saturday, December 4, 2004

Dennis Kang vs Amar Suloev: SULOEV by decision

Andrei Semenov vs Matt Ewin: SEMENOV by submission

Mileo Voorn vs Ulysses Castro: CASTRO by TKO

Carlos Barreto vs Martin Malkhasyan: BARRETO by TKO

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Go Kang and Castro !

Semenov has been very active lately. He just won an 8-man tournament not too long ago

and Suloev has been on a roll

UFC really should get them back

Damn it. I wanted to post that Suloev was out :( Suloev was taken off the card about 5 days ago.

Kang by submission fairly quick

Castro will win his first round fight against milco Voorn. After that, it's iffy. Depends on who he faces. (I hate when touranments don't announce the brackets before an event). As much as I love Castro, he's probably the third or fourth seed in the tournament (behind Barretto and Magomedov and maybe Malkhasyan)

Here are the brackets.┬žion_id=20

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Castro vs Magomedov will be a war!!!

as much as I hate to say it, Magomedov will win a decision I feel. Magomedov has a fairly easy first fight and so he will come into his second figtht well rested.

Kang by submission...........

From: meatheadCanada

It Doesn't matter which one it is because if you haven't heard "you can't stop the Kang".