Summary of Marvel Universe news as it happens???

Since there are soooo many titles for xmen or avengers etc is there a site which summarises whats the latest happening is after each book ie i see Age Of Ultron news is now affecting Guardians of Galaxy etc. or who had died etc.

is there a timeline?

...or we supposed to read every single book to keep updated!

thx GG Phone Post 3.0

k but no spoilers pls...

I imagine Marvel's marketing department wants you to read every single book to stay up to date.

For all things x-related, try UncannyXmen.Net They have summaries, character bios and such.  Not sure about a similar Avengers site.  For events, I think your best bet is wikipedia.  Folks do a pretty good job of hittting the highlights.

However, there's no way you won't run into SPOILERS.  Heck, these days things are spoiled before they are published.


well... honestly didnt read much before posting and thought OP meant Marvel Movie Universe. Since I dont usually go see movies on opening days I asked for no spoilers, but yeah for comics spoil away :)

i read age of ultron etc..more eg whats news updates of avengers and new avenger. if im stickin to uncanny avengers. gotg. xbooks much crossover stuff Phone Post 3.0

Actually, not a bad idea for a website... it would be fun to write to. Hell if I didn't work so much I would do it just for the hell of it. Wonder if you would have legal problems, could post pictures, etc...

Marvel put out a great free comic called Marvel Your Universe that addressed this topic. It boiled stories into a few paragraphs and how they all fit into each other. Hopefully this link works for the cover.

that would be perfect...but cant find that out there...definitely would be logical to have a newsfeed of key universe issues as each book comes out..some superfan out there must do it if marvel dont Phone Post 3.0

espelcially across the main books at least Phone Post 3.0

I tried this on the GG a few years ago but it was side tracked by how hilarious fucked up the editorial crew is at marvel. Phone Post 3.0