Summer is here!

Now that summer is officially here for me with the ending of school I thought it would be appropriate for a summer training thread. I know not everyone has off for the summer but I feel just the weather and scenery around you in the summer is great motivation. I'll start it out by including my summer training regiment, goals and schedule.

Goals: To get stronger, specifically move my Bench from 135lbs (I only weigh 126 and am 15 so don't jump on that lol) to 155lbs. Move my squat from 265lbs to 290lbs and move my deadlift from 225 lbs to 250lbs.

To acheive this I am doing my coach's program with a powerlifting base. It is four days a week (Monday-Thurs, thought I wish it could be mondy, tues. rest, thursday friday but thats not possible.)

Program consists of an A,B,C, and D day routine. A and C day focusing on the bench as a core workout. A day starts with a heavy weightX8 reps then subtract ten lbsX8, subtract and repeat for 2 more sets. C day keeps the same weight for 3 sets of 8. Add 5lbs to starting weight each workout. Half way through the 8 week program reps move to 5 Supplementry lifts differ for both days. A day featues flat dumbell bench, close grip bench, dips and standing e-z bar curls. C day includes Dumbell incline, Tricep push-down, hammer curls and tricep push ups.

B day focuses on squats and upperback. Squats are done the same way as A day bench with concentration on going LOW. Supplementry lifts include wide lat pulldown (I hate it too) upright rows, wall squats, glute-ham raises, leg press and military press.

D day focuses on deadlifts, same as squat except the second set subtracts 15lbs and not 10. Supplementry lifts include close grip pull downs, pull ups, leg curls and extentions, shurgs and wall squats.

I do abs typically on B and D days, beings with L-sits, then weighted sit ups going down SLOW (this is KILLER) then move on to body weight abs and then back to the weighted sit ups to close with.


Goal: To get into better condition and remain in great condition for wrestling as well as weight maitenence

To acheive this I am preforming Taku's Intervals (after stopping it to do other things and due to lack of time I have returned. I am on the third week of week 1) at the least on friday and sunday. This is at least until I stop getting so damn sore after working legs. Hopefully I will be able to add atleast one more prefrably on C day (wed.) This is in addition to current wrestling mentiond below.

Goal: To have the best preformance nutrition possible, minimize body fat to 7% (I have to test how much I am now, most likley 10-12%) and remain between 123 and 132lbs to wrestle 119lbs come winter time.

To acheive this I am staying on the Zone Diet, eatting atleast 5 meals a day and weighing myself once a week (If anyone wants me to elaborate I would be glad to, I recomend this diet highly for preformance, energy and fatloss as does fellow fourm member ChemicalSage, Matt Thorton and Crossfit)

Goal: To improve my wrestling from 1 varsity win this year to a .500 record at tourments and team camp. By next wrestling season atleast a .500 record

To acheive this: Two wrestling camps (Ken Chertow's gold medal training camp and The College of NJ team camp.) Wrestling club 3 times a week. As many freestyle, scholastic and greco tourments as possible and at least twice a week go to my friends house with a home mat, 30minutes drill, 30 minutes live wrestling.

In conclusion my schedule should look like this:

Monday: Lift, drill and wrestle at friends
Tuesday: Lift, abs, wrestling club
Wed: Lift, Taku's intervals
Thurs: Lift, abs, wrestling club
Friday: Taku's intervals
Saturday: Drill, wrestle at friends
Sunday: Wrestling club

My diet is ver sound throughout all of this, I get 8hours of sleep at the least, tournments included. One two-week vacation where lifting diet and conditioning stay, wrestling stops and 2 camps. Another goal is to keep things written in my goal journal lol. I am balancing this with a full-time job and a part-time job. Should be a great summer!

I know I wrote a lot but I am very bored as well as anxious. Please don't feel obligated to write tis much but don't hesitate too, I think is great to help identify and reach your goals. I am plenty open to suggestions though the lifting is pretty much non-negotiable because I am forced on that program.

Have a great summer everyone and train hard


When I first started with weights I couldn't squat or deadlift any high amount of weight. After several weeks of training I was Squating 295 for 3x8 working sets and 338 for 3x8 for deads (I'm more naturally built for deads).

I was 18 y/o weighing 140lbs at the time. I'm currently 23 y/o and 183lbs. I rarely lift anymore, I'm doing a lot more running and bodyweight circuits rather than lifting.

At the moment that covers my needs.


Yeah I'm pretty happy with the way my squatting is going even with my skinny little legs :)

My deadlift is slowly getting better, I do understand what you're saying with it being disproportional.

Lets hear some other peoples summer plans.



Have fun with Ken Chertow. He's a real nice guy, and one hell of a wrestler and coach. I might be working with him after the summer on conditioning stuff. Let me know how the camp goes.


OL 3x a week: Mon, Wed, (maybe) Thurs, Sat

Gymnastics: Sunday

Tennis: Tues and any day I have spare but NOT on Mon or Wed.

That is my plan.

Hey Xen you 'may' not be able to get your vision laser corrected as your vision probably hasn't stabalised yet.  In your 16-24 or 25 ish you have to wait a few yrs until they are wililng to give it a go.  Remember you DON'T want to have to go and do it AGAIN later if your vision changes...


Great guys, keep it comming.

Vermonter, I know man he's a great guy, I went to his camp last year in addition to the JRobinson technique camp. I'm not sure about the JRob intensive camp which I hear is great but Ken's goldmedal camp was so far above the JRobsinson camp. Great camp, organized, systemized and fun.

If we are going to add some non-physical goals, real quick: Finish my AP US summer work. Work my full-time job. Continue to watch my family members and help around the house. Read atleast 5 boooks including requiered summer reading


It sounds solid Wiggum. GOod luck.

Thanks guys same to you. I'm very pleased my cardio has been great at wrestling thanks to Taku and his evil intervals. Personally I find the first phase the most difficult to complete.

Lets hope I can beat on some kids at team camp who haven't been doing anything and gas :)


Goals: Increase flexibility, decrease chronic pain, regulate mood, develop a better home practice, meet hot girls.

Yoga classes 1.5 hours per day, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, possibly monday.

Saturday morning meditation/tai chi classes, 1 hour each.

Goals: Decrease bodyfat, increase LBM, increased athletic ability, regulate mood.

Crossfit program, 3 days work, 1 day rest. for more information, mixed program focused on using compound lifts and anaerobic workouts to increase athletic performance.


Cutting until my waist is at 30". The zone, w/ a cheat meal every day.

Bulking is starting after, adding 4x the amount of fat blocks than for cutting cycle. If this works, I'll let you guys know, cause I'm skeptical myslef.

Xen using a very 'English' word shagging. lol

I just hope to pass all of my CS exams with decent grades.  The PLD one was TOUGH...


They looked better in Pitch Black. Shinier.