Summer shows in the MidWest?

Does anyone know of any upcoming MMA events in the MidWest?

Fightfest, July 6th, House of Blues, Cleveland Ohio ;)

I was told there will be an excellent MMA all day festival XFO show in August in Illinois. Sounds very promising.

Who is the FightFest promoter?

And you get to watch me. Did i mention that?

Great! Who are you fighting? Who else is on the card?

Its a debut fight for the both of us, so we by no means are important, but i can attest to the quality of the production of Fightfest as i'm from Ohio, and quite honestly, everyone here knows it, and i'm on the opposite side of the state.

Its got great exposure, keeps growing, and theres always exciting matchups.

I'm never opposed to shameless promotion of the organization that made my dreams come true, lmao.

Couple in Des Moines, IA Area at the end of July beginning of Aug.

July 27th I think....
and August 4th......

Legends of Fighting out of Indianapolis, and there is the Courage Fighting Championships in Decatur,Ill.


Any others? Thanks in advance! Madison, WI 7/28/07

I think might have some info

ttt for fightfest
i am also fighting on the july 6th card
my second fight for them Great show!

go to always addign new shows to the ones already done..he does iowa challenge and some extreme challenge shows with monte....including the courage fighting shows and soem others in iowa and missouri....Chad is the guy u need to talk to!

I'm holding Courage Fighting Championships #9 with 5 time UFC Vet Laverne Clark as my main event! (Including Jon Tarrh local fighter) Location Terra Haute Indiana/June 30th at the Zorah Shrine. Tickets on sale now, call 618-943-2085 and ask for Carla. or email me at, or go to (not updated yet though) Been swamped!

I saw your first fight mark, good luck on the 6th, i'm sure i'll see you there!

it was a pretty good fight.
see you then

Courage Fighting is a great show! Good luck Tarrh;)

EVO#4 In Rockford IL. June 29th