SummerFest pbp??

Not able to watch
anyone care to update the results for me?

Here ya go:

That link is to the pbp results...

Almost with the company 10 years, and in her last PPV, Lillian Garcia is still fucking things up. Glad to see her finally leave.

Orton retains title 3 times

First by DQ, then match retsart, then by pin (feet on ropes0, then match restart, then gets out of STFU when "fan" attacks ref, hits 2 rko's for the win.

 umm no he won the title and was new champion the first time. Did you not hear lillian?

LOL. Lillian confused me. I'd still give her the saugage, but c'mon.

Regal gets beat in under 5 seconds.

Hey, why not.  If you make the product shitty enough, eventually you'll have nowhere else to go, but up.

 I liked the Christian quick win, builds the feud which is brand new and better matches down the line

CryLikeAGirl - Here ya go:

very appreciated