Sumo - East and West

Check out this very important documentary this week on PBS. It starts tonight - will be on PBS' Independent Lens and will run on different stations this week. On WNET in NYC, Channel 13, it will run midnight tonight. I have a bit part in the flick.

Check it out!

I watched part of that - I wish they made more documentaries like that. Where were you in it, gordinho?

dang I missed it! do you know if it'll be aired again anytime soon?

There was about a 1/2 hour cut from the original to the PBS version, as well as most of the scenes I was in.....but there was some footage of one of my matches in California.

gordinho, I checked the website, it says dvd/video of this show will be available soon, also says dvd will include the additional half hour of footage that was cut from the TV show.

Will definitely check it out!


I watched it, it was sweet. I immediately thought of you and looked for you.

LOL at the little Japanese guy rushing the HUGE black guy (Yarborough?) at the amateur event.

If you didn't see it, the American players are about to walk out for the opening ceremony and a little old man from the crowd, probably drunk, rushes up to this monstrous black guy and just starts pushing on his belly til one of the ushers shoos him away.

Yeah, that happens to Manny all the time. In Japan, if you rub a sumo's belly, it's supposed to be good luck. Also, if you get a rikishi to hold your baby, he or she is supposed to grow up big and strong.