Sun Microsystems Employee Desktops

I'm curious, do Sun Microsystems employees run Microsoft XP on their desktops? I mean, Microsoft is the competition, but surely the general staff at Sun aren't performing their daily tasks on Solaris boxes. Does anyone know?

I remember back in the late 90's, Sun was looking at buying Apple in order to capture that desktop market they lack. That would have been interesting.

I'd bet they run Sun JavaDesktop. (And probably bitch about it in the breakroom) :)

rfquinn is probably right.

what's interesting is how until fairly recently, parts of MS used to use Solaris for a lot of their heavy-duty computing stuff... no joke.

they also used FreeBSD for their Hotmail servers since it was used by the company they bought that created Hotmail.. a lot of the problems Hotmail has had started when they started migrating to Windows servers.

Dell used Compaq servers for their website back in the day before they became a server powerhouse.

Dell also still uses a Tandy/Compaq type of server for their database for call logging.

Doesnt Bill Gates own something like 60% of Apple?

Im supposing that is his way of controlling the Mac OS competition. Since Mac, Apple etc. are all the same thing.


Bill Gates does not own 60% of Apple.

M$ and Apple had a deal to make nice for a while and Microsoft took an investment in Apple, in part for MS to get antitrust regs. off their back for a while.

it's nowhere near a controlling interest, and I'm not sure if it's even voting stock.

I thought I heard a while back it is about 10%

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At my previous job I configured Sun systems, servers and desktops, and no Windows apps went anywhere near the systems. We dealt with a lot of Sun software, Windows was never considered.

Oracle is another company that refuses to use M$ products in their