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On Australian radio they asked the question who do you like more, Jesus, or Santa Claus?

The responses were overwhelmingly, Santa, cause he gives us stuff, but... Jesus seemed like a great guy, just was marketed wrong.

The fact is, we often times just make Jesus into whatever we want. It is actually a verifiable sociological phenomenum that we create God in the image of what we admire, want or need. Thought I would point out some Jesus' that we have created.

Santa Jesus: gives us whatever we want, we send him our letters, we call them prayers, and if we aren't on the naughty list we get them.

Jesus Trump: The ultimate rich, egotistical Jesus, who wants to name everything after himself and control the world

Senator Jesus Kennedy: Who is the embodiment of all that is current left wing, American, politics

George W Jesus: Who is the emodiment of all that is current right wing, American, politics

Jesus Swartznegger: The avenging, powerful, Jesus who will come and kill all that oppose him, favorite quote, " I'll be back"

Jesus Flanders: The otherworldly, nice guy, who is incredibly nerdy, and out of touch with our lives.

What other ways have we created Jesus in images we desire? The fact is Jesus is an amazing paradox, he says "neither do I condemn you" but also says, "go and sin no more" He says "turn the other cheek" and drives the money changers out of the temple with a wip. He is a friend of sinners, he is an advocate for the poor, and marginalized, yet he invites himself to dinner at the Rich guy, or the Pharisees house.

I have decided after much study, Jesus is a complex man, with seemingly contradictory natures. He is both warrior and poet. A true renaisance man. Just like me. ;)

the rev


this was inspired by my friend Mark Sayers sermon on Sunday at church.

Or flat out ripped off, if you must know. Atleast I put it in my words.

the rev


The one I hate the most is

Highway Jesus: 

The my way, is the only correct way, and every other is way is wrong guy who doesn't know when to shut up.  Therefore, hit the highway.

Good sermon.


I tried to post last night on this thread, apparently it didn't save. Well the short version...

Nice Rev! I also believe I remember a Judge Joe Jesus. You know the one who is always in "Judge" mode and unable to empathize w/us. The one who is always condemning and trying to thwart our sinful behavior w/judicial justice (read: Unmerciful Punishment and condemnation). If I remember correctly, this "jesus" was always too high and aloof to judge us directly, he usually sent out his accusers to do it for him. But they were quick to tell you they were sent directly from him, and usually had a scripture to prove it.

Oh, and btw, I'm using someone's else sermon (or the core message of it, w/my own flavor) at the next Youth Service I speak at. Probably that is. The dude's name was Chris Hill and he talked about how David did the whole "kill, steal, and destroy" thing to Goliath. David killed Goliath, stole his sword and destroyed his body. I had never seen that before but I plan on using it.