Sunday Night will be spent KILLING

all who oppose me on various BF:VN servers and maybe even a 'lil CoD.

If you see a LgFriess on the server, keep your head down 'cause I've been drinking and will be the suicidal grenade throwing M60 blasting Cobra flying psycho!

Woohoo! Post your server tonight and I'll let you gun for me =D Always a fun experience as I like to buzz the trees (okay, sometimes unsuccessfully!).

Well I got slaughtered and never ended up in the top 3. Crashed the chopper a few times. *sigh* Not a good BFVN night =(

That all sounds so cool man. I never got into the online craze.

Come to one of the nocdkey BF:V servers and I will fuck you up. You and your bitch ass overpowered unbalanced M60.

No, no, noooo. I play VC you fucking GI, and when I kill your dumb ass I take your M60 and kill all your friends!

Your government, they will honor you, when you are DEAD! Your pilots bomb your own men GI. Why do you fight this war GI?


Poor soldier.