Sunglow Motley = Dead

Well, what a way to start the new year. My little Sunglow died a few minutes ago. Couldn't get the little girl to eat. I tried going to smaller pinkies, then brained pinky, then just a head. She'd just look at it. She still looked okay until this morning ... very thin, not moving much. I freaked, tried another little head but she just wouldn't eat the damn thing.Temps were right, hides were right, everything was right. I totally stopped handling them both until they got past this feed problem. She didn't appear "sick" in any way prior to this... very active, bright eyes, firm body, ect. The butter regurged once but now is doing fine. Amazing how much bigger she was today vs. the sunglow. When they go downhill, they obviously do so very, very fast.Anyway, Don at South Mountain suggested he may have just sent out a "bad snake" and has offered to send another. They're out of the Sunglow Motley so I can wait till next year or get something different. I think I'll just get something different.Never had a snake die on me. I'm sadder then I thought I'd be for some pencil sized little tube who probably would just rather be left alone rather then screwed with by some big, gooney human all the time. Thing is, I can't help but think it's my fault. Somebody with more experience would've got her to eat, I'm sure.Live and learn.RIP Sunshine

One thing that dissapointed me about working with corns is genetics. There are so many people selling watered down genetically inferior animals out there it pisses me off. I understand that some snakes just wont eat but when it comes to corns allot of breeders are inbreeding many generations without anything fresh leaving getting a good healthy corn a stroke of luck. Sorry about your loss, beaut of an animal.

Sucks man, but sounds like it happened pretty fast, sometimes there's just nothing you can do.You did all you could, and all anyone would do.Only thing i can think of is i wonder did you try a live cricket? Might have gone after the motion and gotten something down at least? Hindsight, not worth beating your head against a wall over.The breeder even thinks it was just the snake, so that counts for something.

Is that the snake or is that the parent in the pic?

What might you get different then?

Spank, that was one of the parents. Didn't try the cricket, although I did try to "shake" the warmed pinky. Creamsicle Okeetee on the way. Parent pic below. Thaks for the replies guys ... interesting information. You're all much more seasoned at this then I am so it's good to hear some opinions.Trust, this little girl would just sit and stare at the pinky head. Unbelievable. The Butter won't strike but she will instantly start looking for the head. My Hogg Island will strike and constrict so hard mouse guts will sometimes go flying. She's so food aggressive it still makes me jump back when she nails the rat. Here's the pic of what I'm getting as a replacement; edit... at least I hope she turns out as nice =D