Sunny WWF Today. Wood you?


Sure why not. My hand is far less attractive and I fuck that daily.

Hell no

Wtf happened??

I was in rehab with her a little less than 2 years ago.  She was pretty fat, id still bang her bc I have no standards.

Saw her porn. I remember fapping to her countless times as a teenager in the 90’s. She looks like worn out lot lizard at this point and nothing even resembling the incredibly sexy Sunny we saw in the 90’s. With that said I wood, if only for nostalgic sake.

She'll fart on you

still better than nicole eggert.

Yes I would

She pooted

I'd fuck a dead body if it was still warm. 

Pancakes, I'd fuck you if i could hold you still.


Of COURSE,  I'd fuck her.

eubie5 - 

Pancakes, I'd fuck you if i could hold you still.


Of COURSE,  I'd fuck her.


Ehh yeah fuck it

Vrill - 

I'd fuck a dead body if it was still warm. 

lays down and plays dead

 5 seconds in to being eaten out, she tells the guy she just came and to stop, and when he doesnt she makes him. Odd.

She is covering her eyes, again like you would if you were drunk or perhaps just embarrassed.

She says, pretty matter of fact and not in a sexy way, "I have multiples. I know my own body. I know my body and everything's just...."

Dude is carrying the work here. God bless him. He's like Ric Flair carrying El Gigante.

She starts to wheeze like an asthmatic. It's scary. She's gassed. Blown up.

'Okay just a little rest. Just a little rest." She wants to transition into a rest hold. So he, on camera, gives her instructions on the next position, with all the enthusiasm of a tech. support center phone call. 'Okay. Grab that. Then lean on your elbow.

while she's holding her butt cheek, we get a nice, if perhaps symbolic visual, of the WWE Hall of Fame ring next to her asshole.

You know youre fucking a hall of famer right now, you know." HAHA. I popped big time. Whoever wrote that, get them in WWE creative right now. He giggles at the line, but it seems forced. Poor guy.

And we jump cut to him beating it over her face. God only knows what the dude is having to think of in order to blow here. It certainly isn't what's in front of him.

She tries to help with some words of encouragement and some moaning for no reason.

Money shot in the mouth/face. Good for her.

He tries to get her to face the hard camera but she doesnt seem to know where it is. Fucking green ass rookies.

Fade to black.

Sumbitch has some mundo hairo and some clobber ass feet. Just look at em. 

Someone replace this video with a Missy Hyatt video kthx

MayorPirkle -

Hell no

There's a word for faggots like you