Suns and Clippers Fans , Brew Ha Ha

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uns and Clippers fans got into a VIOLENT altercation during the first game of the two teams’ playoff series Sunday … and the insane fight was all caught on video.

The wild action appeared to go down in the bowels of Phoenix Suns Arena in Arizona … when two Clippers fans got into a screaming match with a bunch of Suns supporters.
You can see in footage filmed by a bystander … the two L.A. fans – rockin’ Kawhi Leonard jerseys – yelled for several seconds before they let their hands fly.

One of the Clippers fans threw a big punch at a Suns fan – before he was eventually taken down to the ground.

And then, all hell broke loose.

More than half a dozen people were involved in the fracas … with haymakers being thrown and landed left and right.

It’s unclear if there were any injuries or any arrests made … we’ve reached out to police, but so far, no word back yet.

Of course, this is the second big fight the Suns have seen this month … you’ll recall, it was less than 2 weeks ago when the “Suns In 4” guy wrecked a Denver Nuggets supporter during the team’s previous playoff series.

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Suns fans making Dodgers fans look like gentlemen. Did not see that coming.

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Phoenix has become Phoenix

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Glad to see no white people were harmed during the filming of this video.



That was awesome to watch. The Clippers fans were heavily outnumbered, throwing the first punch there was a big mistake. Dude in the black shirt was waiting for shit to pop off and got in some massive punches

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Clips win game two

I am shocked to see who threw the 1st punch. If only their team had shown that level of offense…


Hell yeah don’t come around here acting up and you won’t get fucked up and become a worldwide meme.



Holy shit. What a game. Ugly, yet the suns found a way to win. George missing 2 free throws certainly didnt hurt. Hopefully, paul will be back for 3.

Over a basketball game…PATHETIC!

Grown men fighting over a game played by other grown men. That is the definition of pathetic.

“Grown men”.

Only physically grown lol. Mentally & maturity, not so much.

3 ini LA