Suns vs. Spurs 12/28

What do you guys think?

I am more worried about this one than I was the Sonics game. San Antonio has been quiet but methodically racking up a very respectable 21-6 streak while the Suns have won their last 11, which is also good for SA in their house looking to end it. We also cant pull the same shit we have been against the spurs, getting lazy and then making monster comebacks in the 4th quarter. Duncan will obviously be a problem to contain and I am curious to see how amare/hunter do against him.

That said, SA seems to have trouble with small ball teams and we play the best small ball around. We are fast and rack up points in bundles. With Nash moving the ball and all of our great jump shot guys/ three shooters, it really evens the playing field.

I am not going to call this one either way.

The good news for the Suns is that I've heard some reports that Duncan might have fucked up his shooting hand tonight.

This will be a very interesting game to watch.

I'm glad to see teams like the Suns and Sonics do well. This whole "defense wins championships" thing is getting old. I want more Mavericks-esque teams.

quick this is great news indeed!

MadDog243, for you maybe. ;)


"The good news for the Suns is that I've heard some reports that Duncan might have fucked up his shooting hand tonight. "

I guess he'll just have to lunge up some nasty looking shots off the backboard then... nm.

lol @ Dan, however nasty they might look they usually go in.

Actually the more I think about it the less I like the idea of TD sitting out. We need to see how the guys stack up against him, and if the Suns lose to the Spurs-Duncan everyone will say Phoenix has been "outed".

w00t thirdleg. Ill be representing with a buddy and plenty of corona at home.

Phoenix might win.

But in a 7 game series, me believes the Spurs take it.

Before, Marbury ate Parker's lunch every single time.

But Nash gets wrecked by Parker. Suns fans shouldn't worry about Amare picking up fouls guarding Duncan, but him picking up fouls trying to cover for Nash's matador loving mulleteered ass.

we shall see in a bit.

looking good so far, 35-32 Suns end of the 1st. D'Antoni is rotating the bench in very early too, Barbosa, Jacobson, and Hunter are all seeing time and the last two are producing well.

bad second quarter, 61-54 Spurs. DONT PLAY THEIR GAME SUNS!


Daaaamn, Suns getting their shit pooooooshed in through 3.

yeah yeah yeah fuckmooks.

Fuck these officials. The spurs are beating the suns on their own, they don't need any more help.

Spurs win the title unless one of the big three get hurt.

Brian, just shut the fuck up. Seriously.