Suntan Lotion

It's starting to get nicer here in Minnesota and I'm wondering what kind of suntan lotion you guys recommend.

Actually, use a good Sunblock with at least a 50 spf or higher if they make it.

Apply liberally right off the bat and make sure to reapply throught the day.

It will save the tattoos from certain death. If you are religious about sunblocking your work EVERYTIME you are out in the sun or tanning bed, your tattoos will hold up and look sharp even 20, 30 years down the road. Now keep in mind, skin does age..but the sunblock is essential.

I have the start of my backpiece color almost 15 years ago, and it's still as bright as the day I got it. When I show it off, people are amazed b/c they think its brand new.

Good luck!

Word. Thanks Illustrated Man. Now I can take off my shirt and scare the little kids.

yeah sunblock all the way ,my sleve is 24 yo & i always use f30 or higher, most the time if im on holiday & laying in the sun i just wrap my arm & shoulder in a t shirt

Yeah, rondon's sleeve looks great for being on there so long. Its a true testament of what taking care of your tattoos can do for you in the long run. I wish all my clients took that much care after I'm done.

wa thank yu sir