The Baltimore Ravens, were back and better than ever. Get ready people.

Yep, Kordell should put them over the top by taking Boller under his wing.


Believe me I dont know what they were thinking getting Gay Kordell, but Boller has the tools and he has Brian Billick and Jim Fassel coaching him. Plus weve already won the SB on defense before our offense will only be better this year than ever.

This post is incorrect.

"SB Champs? I would think the Pats should repeat"

Recent history suggests they wont make the playoff's...I think they will make the playoff's, but wont repeat.It will be tough for them to have everything go there way again as it did last year.

Ravens will have the number one defense as usual, the number one rushing offense. And now they have passing and some talented WR's. The made it to the play offs last year and they are alot better now.

they have no recievers and jamal lewis will be in jail.

"but Boller has the tools" be a great back up quarterback in the NFL.

Broncos will win the SB, best defense in the NFL.


jamal lewis in jail? come on now, is OJ in jail? is Jayson Williams? is Ray Lewis? Dude all jokes aside lol.

Ravens Best D, Best Rushing Offense. Best O Line. Best Tight End. And we will see what Boller has. As for recievers their not doing to bad. Better than they had the year they won the Super Bowl.

"The senior writer for opened the door for both cheers and disagreement throughout the country last Tuesday, June 15, when his rankings were published on the site.

While the Ravens barely missed the top spot overall, Baltimore's players won the team title, with 6 members in the top 50."

Damn even expert on CBS know we have the best players in the league. Cant wait till next season. Please TTT this thread in JAN

It appears as if Ray and Jamal arent the only
people smoking crack in Baltimore.

I like their defense but best rushing offense? Are
we talking yards or TDs? The game is about TDs
so I say Chiefs have the best running game, best
O line, and the best tight end.

I'd like to see the Patriots although it isn't likely. If any team can in this day and age, it's definately the Pats though. Dillon could actually balance the offense a little.

I was big on the Ravens last year after Wright stepped in at QB. They had a good thing going on offense and they were tough on defense. I had them as my pick to win the SB with the Patriots as #2. The Titans totally trashed your guys' d-line though, seriously if it wasn't for Ray Lewis they could have ran for over 200 yards that day. If they picked up some support there, I think they have a good shot but otherwise I seriously doubt it.




(Let me dream....)

"Damn even expert on CBS know we have the best players in the league. Cant wait till next season. Please TTT this thread in JAN"

Can't wait til next season is right!!!

I'll ttt this thread now, if that's okay :)

Eric beat me to it.

When you talk a lot of shit about your team and they get stomped by a nobody then you deserve to be clowned.

AAHAHAHAH @ Baltimore ok we'll see.

"Cant wait till next season. Please TTT this thread in JAN"

Didn't feel like waiting until tomorrow.