Super Brawl 33 Weigh Ins?

Where? Time?

MY HOUSE 3:57:07 pm

Whats your address?


Or Round Table Pizza in Waikiki at 1pm on Friday.

T. Jay to the rescue thanks! I almost went to that address

LOL @ perv lane!!!

Go find it sexz!! LOL

hey u fugger, box office was closed, just tried to order online but for what ever reasons the $15 seats were unavailable. Go figure. Either way will try again, tommorow, still waiting on a 5th row seat with my bro in law.

I might actually end up covering the event for mma weekly if Greg needs me.

its too easy JD

still waiting on phone calls joo blalas

hmmmm is that a knock at my door?

Yay!!!! why are you guys still on here get your ass off the computer pack and swim.



so...whos going?

Who cares what they weight I want to see them fight!LOL

yeah but thats the only time they look good enough to take a picture after the fight they look like crap

Oh, see you want to check out the beef, before the beef! lol

I want to check it raw before its burnt LOL

lmao @burnt beef! HAAAAAHA

is your beef burnt already?

LMAO@burnt beef!!!!