Super Brawl 33 Weigh Ins?

I'm guessing it is??? :-/

Killed me with that one!!

*spills drink laughing*

well damn I don't want a piece of recooked left over meat ya know?

Where's the beef, sexz's got it!..LMAO

LOL I do not!!! I think its at the quarantine getting inspected making sure they ain't bringing in no mad cow disease to Hawaii

i know some "mad cows"!!!

no you don't you just know "mad kittys"

Thats for sure!

*Lois where is Clark?*


not even funny, I just got scalped at some thai barber shop. Look like an MP.

Thats what you get for going to those $5.00 thai barbershop.... Try supercuts next time! lmao @ M.K. looking like an MP.

$11.00 comes with neck and shoulder massage(was waay to short) and the owner is some thai rottie with a "reported" and confirmed really nice ass.

Pulver's fight NHB or Muay Thai?



Jens Pulver will be fighting Eddie Yagin in an NHB match at Super Brawl 33 this Saturday! It will NOT be Muay Thai as rumored.


Pulver/Yagin... NOT NHB

kick elbows...
all kicks and knees and punches allowed

Okay, just had to get an answer.