Super fast gun fire exchange between cops & bad guy


Looks like he only took one shot to the arm…

I thought it seemed ridiculous that they didn’t shoot him more.


Yeah… He’s bleeding pretty bad. I’m far from an expert, but don’t think I’ve ever heard of a ricochet causing an ejection. I think it was involuntary movement from getting shot in the hand, but WTF do I know?

Yeah, cop could have hit the magazine release inadvertently when he got shot, or the bullet could have gone through his hand and fucked up the gun causing the magazine to partially drop.

Either way I’m glad it was just his hand…

Damn that was wild

For Later

Multiple camera angles on the shooting.

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Yep. And he slammed it back in with his knee.

He couldn’t shoot for shit. He had the jump on them and knew the would hesitate because of fear of getting Chavined

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Damn, the bad guy was still talking at the end. They should have unloaded a magazine in him when he was down, he was still a threat.

They should have stepped on his head and told him to shut the fuck up.

“Where’s the gun, I think it’s under him keep shooting!”

Guy is the John wick of the hood, he hit 2 cops in a gun fight

How did they not unload on that fucker

They are more afraid of getting put on trial and spending years in jail than getting shot

Shit, and I did not realize the cops were in each other’s line of fire as well

What if the thug missed all his shots and the cops shot each other? It’s in the realm of possibility

This psychos facebook page is unbelievable. Dude has some serious mental health issues. He was ranting about killing Cops for awhile now.