Super Fight League: Galesic vs. Marshall KO (VID)


zelg looks like a killer

 awesome fight, that was a really fun card.

Damn what a brutal KO. Can't wait to see Zelg dish out some more. This card really brought it.

Dude was massive! Awesome performance!

On a side note, and this just may be my personal biased but it def looked like the travel and atmosphere seemed to have Doug overwhelmed. I'm far from saying Marshall was scared but he sure didn't look like himself. Hope he bounces back, international fights can be tough if you're not used to it.

Brutal KO regardless! Phone Post

ImTheSandMan -

I live in the STL and im really down now...


I was really pumped to see rory get put to sleep.

Sitting off S. Broadway crying at the result. Phone Post 3.0

zelg been hitting the weights.

ya thats a long travel

 Damn, Galesic looks huge, and Marshall is no small guy. Nice win, but he needs to come to the UFC and see how he stacks up against the best.