We need some very exciting super fights here in Chicago on May 22nd when NAGA comes to Morton High School. Naga and the Mid West Jiu-Jitsu Championship are putting together an event that will rock Chicago and the Mid West. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly,Ham and Cheese,Hot Chicago Pizza and an Ice cold coke, Kip Kollar and Bob Schirmer are working together to host a NAGA event to top all events.
(I haven't had breakfast).
Lets get some great super fight match up's share your ideas. Who do you here in the Mid West want to see go at it? Help me and Kip make this great NAGA event unforgetable. Thanks in advance Master Bob


Shonie vs Sherk would be an awesome grapplign matchup

Shonie/Sherk would be very cool

Curran would be cool

Horn is always a great guy to watch



Keep Them coming!

Hey Master Bob! Bruce Weiler, Henry Motamoris SP, Kieth W. I'm not going to try that one, Nenad, Jeff Curran, damn so many to name I'm stumped. I think it was either Drift or Tristan that came up with the idea of an Chicago/midwest guy show down bracket, just and idea, lets see what others think.




Grappling rematch:

Bj Penn vs Javier Vasquez

tai otoshi vs tito ortiz

How about Assou vs Nenad

Nenad vs anyone. And you know he is willing to roll with anyone

"Assou vs Nenad"


ttt for Nenad vs. Assou...Hell yeah

Pull my name, I'm getting an ACL cadaver L-graft in

my right knee. Totally blew the fucker out.

Sucked it up for awhile and ended up tearing a bunch

of cartilage trying to be a hero.

Anyway I'll get it done on the 29th of Jan. Theres no

way I'll be ready 3 1/2 - 4 months after surgery.

I'll be ready next year :) I'll still be there with my

crew though, their looking forward to it.


Weiler Jiu-jitsu Fighting Systems

My money is on Keith!!!


Good Luck on the surgery and recovery Bruce. TTT!!!
Bruce = Class Act!

Nenad vs Assou

Me & Drift with a tag team with Tito

Sholin & Curran or Senneca & Curran

Hey I'll do one with Horn.

Keep the ideas comming!

How about the UG Culties against a mat full of Midgets!

Anyone have a pic of these two they can post here?