Super hot curly haired Spanish girl. No bra, cooking breakfast

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Oh, look! A whore!


SUPER??? Maybe hot enough to want to see without a mask…

Seriously, what is that mask hiding?

me thinks she is a brazilian. Linda.

Also lazy ass to go with the red mask and not something that would at least blend in like black or gray… Gotta wonder. Me thinks its just clever mask propoganda to try to get it normalized. Heck it might even be deborah burx under there.

Watch for a flood of viral pics and vids with hot babes who “happen” to be wearing huge look-at-me masks


She has cool boobs

I approve of this

Dude, It’s a hot girl with pokies and this is all you focus on

Lol! They should have a notification badge or whatever for first time being called gay. Hard to say she’s hot when you’ve got one inch of space between the hair and the mask but you’re right about the pokies.

She isn’t speaking Spanish I have no idea what she is saying. Sounds like portuguese.

Nice tits and body though.

Well then she is definitely is a whore. All Brazilians are.

Just look at Marsman


Sim, ela está falando português.

I’ve always had a thing for latin women

One of the hottest things that I’ve experienced with a girl…

I was sexing this Mexican girl, young, cute, tight body. I’m a UGer and not an exception when it comes to having a good sized hog so she was really enjoying what I was giving her, so much that a certain point in time, out of no where she starts speaking in spanish and mixes in a few “si, Si, SI” in there which I know tranlsates to “yes, Yes, YES” and about a minute later I nutted when before she started speaking I probably was 5-10 minutes away but her moaning and speaking spanish shaved off a lot of time.

I can attest she is speaking in Brazilianese.


That hoe over here…

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Não fale sobre minha futura ex-esposa assim