Super J Cup

Do they still hold the Super J Cup tournaments in Japan?

I remember along time ago downloading some of the matches and man,you want to talk about great high flying action,they really put it on.

My two favorites out of all of the J Cup Tournies was Benoit vs. Sasuke,and even though it wasn't a match that took place for the tournament,Rey Mysterio vs.Psicosis.

I really would like to know if they hold it anymore,or if they ever will.

Osaka Pro hosts a J Cup tomorrow. Card is:

OSAKA PRO "SUPER J CUP" 4th STAGE - 2/21/04, Osaka Castle Hall, Japan

1. SUPER J CUP - 4th STAGE - ROUND 1: Naomichi Marufuji v Jun Kasai

2. SUPER J CUP - 4th STAGE - ROUND 1: Goa v Garuda

3. SUPER J CUP - 4th STAGE - ROUND 1: Wataru Inoue v Kazuya Yuasa

4. SUPER J CUP - 4th STAGE - ROUND 1: Takehiro Murahama v Taichi Ishikari

5. Ofune v Apple Miyuki

6. MIKAMI & Tomohiro Ishii & MEN'S Teioh v Kintaro Kanemura & Big Boss MA-G-MA & Azteca

7. WORLD'S # 1 TITLE: Ebessan (c) v Kuisinbo Kamen

8. SUPER J CUP - 4th STAGE - SEMI: Winner of Marufuji / Kasai v Winner of Goa / Garuda

9. SUPER J CUP - 4th STAGE - SEMI: Winner of Inoue / Yuasa v Winner of Murahama / Ishikari

10. OSAKA PRO Tag Team Titles: Billy Ken Kid (c) & Tigers Mask (c) v TAKA Michinoku & Shiryu

11. Jushin Lyger & Jinsei Shinzaki & Super Delfin vs. Heat & KENTA & CIMA

12. SUPER J CUP - 4th STAGE - FINAL: ?

"even though it wasn't a match that took place for the tournament Rey Mysterio vs.Psicosis"

... quite possibly the best lucha libre match I've seen.

"... quite possibly the best lucha libre match I've seen."


When I look back on that match,and see Mysterio today,you can most definately tell Rey has buffed up lately.

Too bad Vince is away too territorial with his company,I would kill to see tournaments that showcase the best wrestlers over here.
I would pay mad money to see Kurt Angle VS. Keiji Mutoh

What I remember not liking about the Rey-Psicosis J Cup match was how much it showcased Rey. It seemed like he was on offense the whole way through, which is good because his moves are all good, but it didn't make for a balanced match.

Also, even though this match stood out from the others that night, I think it would have stood out even more if they didn't follow suit with the grappling at the start and just started running and flying. There was nothing bad about the matwork, but there was nothing really exceptional either.

What I do remember liking about this match was how very crisp everything was -- really great stuff. It was also neat listening to the Japanese crowd react to all their moves.

"best lucha match I've seen was Eddy Guerrero/Art Barr vs Octagon/El Hijo del Santo....easily."

I wanted to get this tape from Highspots sometime (When Worlds Collide, right?) but the accompanying reviews for this PPV are somewhat damning despite it being an editor's pick. It's only ten dollars and all, but I'm pretty cheap so I'm looking to get it on a compilation instead.

When World's Collide is one of my favourite shows ever. Definately worth picking up.