Super Saturday vs NYE or 4th of July PPV's

I always look forward to MMA cards the night before the Super Bowl over New Years eve or the 4th(UFC seems to focus on July 4th cards a little more then others). Who the fuck wants to watch MMA on New Years Eve?

UFC 156 is by far the best card to date

Condit/Diaz was pretty weak SS card last year
Silva/Belfort was solid
Randy/Coleman card was good top to bottom but lacked a big main event.
GSP/Penn 2 was a big card
UFC 81 had Lesnar/Mir 1 and Big Nog/Poopie pants
UFC 67 was crap with Silva/Lutter and Rampage/Mirko crush fights
UFC 57 Randy/Chack 3
UFC 51 was the first Super Saturday with Arlovski/Sylvia and Tito/Vitor