Super Scope

Who had this abomination. I got it and for the first week it was the coolest thing ever! A giant bazooka that blew the duckhunt gun out of the water. But besides the games that came with it, what did they ever make besides Battleclash? After the sensor missed my shots for the 3000th time that spelled the end for my scope.

there was battle clash 2 . i think it was called falcon's revenge or something .GREAT game for its time. also another one called bazooka blitzkrieg which was more of an "UZI" gmae

please post a link... sounds familiar

Yup, I had it. I played Battle Clash a lot, and the bundle of games that came with it, but other than that I didnt do much else with it. It was a cool looking thing though.

what was this for NES?


that's right... didn't it look like a bazooka or something

Yeah it was a big ass bazooka with a fire button, start and select and TURBO. But they never really made a ton of stuff for it. See cause it wasn't plugged into the machine it relied and this little sensor box you have to put on top of the tv. If you didn't center the box perfectly your shot would be off or wouldn't even register. This little box has a cord too I think so it was constantly a problem.

The legend:

Games compatible with the Super Scope:

* Battle Clash
* Bazooka Blitzkrieg
* Lamborghini American Challenge

I'd love to see how you can play a car racing game with the super scope!?

There is a whole generation of men who would give their life savings to put a bullet in that dog's head.