Super Sick Triangle while being MOUNTED!!!

With these guys records....your gotta listen to them..they know what they are doing :)

awesome mount work

  I can't tell if they are lying to try and be cool, or if they are lying trying to be funny  and see if they can piss us off by intentionally doing ridiculously wrong things...... or if they are that retarded.

"He's gonna go for a punch on me and I'm gonna grab his arm" had me in stitches.

Catching punches in mid flight is next level Steven Seagal shit.


Quit watching when I saw the mattress Phone Post

probably 2 of the top 10 wrestlers in the UK.

they are just kids, frens

this is much cheaper than mginaction

poolparty - this is much cheaper than mginaction
True but Marcelo has better english.


this is roger gracie's top competition in the UK.

MY GOODNESS this full mount in all the vids I watched is revolutionary.