Super System

I have heard good and bad things about Brunson's "Super System", is it worth reading or is it somewhat dated and not applicable to today's No Limit games?

it's got a lot of outdated games in it such as 5 card draw but the hold 'em sections are a must read for any poker player.

Keep an eye out for "Super System II" to hit the book shelves soon. It's got a great cast of poker superstars authoring their own section.

Funny you ask because I was looking at this earlier today (infact I still have the page with it in it still open). I've been thinking about picking up Super System because I've heard good things and I want to learn to become better in other poker games too. However, I saw that Super System 2 is being released on October 1st and I wanted to know if anyone has heard anything about it. Is it going to be as good as the original? Is it a "no-brainer" to pick up the new one or should I (or someone in the same position as me) go for the tried and true original version

Also, I saw Phil Gordon's book is coming out on October 1st also, has anyone heard anything about his book or his writing style?

Sorry don't mean to hijack your thread but I was thinking of asking very similar questions.

Super System 2:

Phil Gordon's book:

No hijacking offense taken whatsoever, This forum seems to be so dead that any post is welcome IMO.

I want to check out both of these books thanks for the links

I'm much like WillHardcore, I understand the basics and beginner theory, and I'd like to start looking at slightly more advanced playing strategies and game theory. And, as I mentioned in my first post, I'd like to learn the strategies of other poker games too, simply b/c I'd like the variety and I'd like to be more well rounded and not simply a Hold'em player

Super Systems was the first poker book I read.

It's true a lot of the games covered are less popular now but I think it's worth it for the limit & no limit chapters.

Not all that applicable to low limit internet play IMO but there is so much great information it can only help your game.

Looks cool on the bookshelf too.

You need to read Super System, if only because everyone that you'll be playing has.

I ordered Phil Dordon's book a few days ago from amazon and will write up a quick review of the first few chapters to let you guys know a little about it. I will say this. It's a sharp looking book. After I had ordered it I ran across it at Barnes & Nobles in hardback.

I've also reserved my copy of Super System II but I can guarantee it's worth reading.

Ant C is correct. Get Super System, evenif just for the No-Limit Section.

Looking forward to Super System II also. Still trying to finish Malmuth and Sklansky's Advanced Hold Em.

Yeah, I'd be very interested in a review of Phil's book. I'm looking for an intermediate level book to improve my game play and from the very little I've been able to find about the book it seems like it's not a beginners book but nothing says it's advanced either so I'm hoping it's in the ball park of what I'm looking for