Superbon sleeps the legendary Giorgio Petrosyan


Especially under Kickboxing rules rather than full Muay Thai rules makes this incredibly impressive.


Now that’s not something you see every day


Pretty scary. I watched it live and was legitimately concerned when petro hadn’t moved for over a minute


It was an absolutely insane card today, a huge event/day for Kickboxing. God bless ONE.

Kiria looked great pulling the guard down to hammer off right hands to stop Enriko.

But that knockout was insane of Petro. This card was just insane.

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Is there any news on his condition? it looked really bad.

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I don’t unfortunately everybody talked about this 4/5 hours ago once it happened now nothing.

It was a gnarly one and you could tell Schiavello’s eyes were popped out of his head with his jaw dropped locked on Petro for sometime he was very concerned but kept at task commentating the results.


That’s a hell of an accomplishment. I wish they had a Thai mt ref. They tend to catch fighters falling if they can to avoid that masts secondary impact

Hope gp is ok!


It was insane it was a bit of a flash I just saw him work that right kick twice missed the left hand than Petro was slept on his feet.

He saw that for a while in Petro it was insane he saw that for a long time and before Petro hit the ground he was screaming because he knew that was a winner for him and nailed it.

I missed the Kiria fight and happy to hear he got Kehl out of there.

Superbon was slinging nothing but the right kicks the whole fight (as long as it lasted). If that was the game plan to catch Giorgio in the chops like that then fair play to his corner.

Superbon is no joke. Buakaws prodigy with 100s of Muay Thai fights. He’s the next big thing. Super impressive.

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Superbon revenge fight.


Stunning KO. Maybe thought that kick was going mid range again. The sound of that crack!


Mid kick, left hook, high kick ended one of the most flawless kickboxers.

Damn. Thank God it wasn’t with the shin.

Crazy ko

Edit : for those like me who missed this its posted on the B/R YT channel


Darn, that was unexpected.

I STILL CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE KO! and the rest of the card for the matter, totally delivered