Superbon sleeps the legendary Giorgio Petrosyan

Man that killed me. Fuck seeing Petrosyan get slept like that. No update on his health yet either.

He’s probably fine. Multiple k1 guys would get Ktfo like that every tournament lol.

He’s 35. His second loss in about 8 years. His record is insane. Especially for a dangerous sport like K-1/Muay Thai.


Thanks for sharing

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According to Giorgio’s Brother Armen he has a broken jaw and underwent surgery.


First round, first strike from superbon was right highkick, second round first strike was right highkick.
Superbon threw 12-13 right highkicks in less 1,5 rounds - thats allt. They clearly aimed to catch Petrosyan with it. Good gameplan , good coaching.

Broken jas - dont think We Will se Petrosyan in atleast a year.

That card was pure striking gold. Pretty much every match was lit!!!

Loved it.


Incredible event / day for the love of my life Kickboxing I’m still thinking about this event