SuperBowl Sunday, Ravens win the superbowl and...

and BJ reppin' two belts.

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I'd like to see both!

All Pennsylvania Superbowl, pick your winner.

BJ's reppin' huge welts.

Then you wake up and realize it was all a dream.

 I used to live in Maryland and now live in Pa so I have good odds lol. Rooting for the Ravens though.

I live in MD. and work for Baltimore City Fire Department and can't wait to se ethe ravens choke lol plus I think GSP might be too much for BJ and get a decision again

 i can't care less for the ravens but i'd rather them winning than the steelers.

as for BJ...please sign in if you disagree so i can laugh at you. i would do a SN bet but i have to wait for after the rich/dan fight first to see if i still have mine. otherwise its ON!

 BJ Corleone...