Superbowl Thread: Patriots vs. Falcons

Falcons high powered offense is going to be tough to stop.

Pats have the experience.

Pats 34
Falcons 28

Lets go Falcons!

Opening line: Pats -7

Rise Up!!

Falcons by 9.

Patriots in the non-competitive game people should expect.

Ryan is Brady-lite. Falcons' fans are all bandwagon.

Patriots by 35

Nobody is coming between Brady and smiling across the Lombardi at Goodell. 

I'll take the birds in this one. 

Pats by ref help.


Damn didn't see this thread and just made one lol. I'll have a mod delete it 

I like both teams but go Pats!

Patriots dominate second half to win by 12. 

I feel like the Falcons are destined to win it all this year so I'm picking them 

God I hate waiting 2 weeks for the SB I wish it was the week after the AFC NFC championship games 

NFL's top scoring defense against the NFL's top scoring offense.

Should be a good game.


I think Atl. can outscore them, but I'd not invest a ton on it either

Falcons: #1 Ranked Offense. Patriots #3 Ranked Offense

Patriots: #1 ranked scoring defense. Atlanta: #27 ranked scoring defense.