Superbrawl dvds

Anyone ever get some? How do they stack up with other events? Thanx.


I ordered them off T.V. and they suck, I called them and told them not to send me anymore, the most recent fights are from like 1998, mabye some people would enjoy them I did not.

I dont know that much about superbrawl, but what is the best match-up they ever had?

There are great fights and great fighters that have fought/ fighting for Superbrawl. I dont mind watching fights from 4-5 yrs ago.

for $20 you get...

Punishment in Paradise:
1.) Superbrawl HL set to music
2.) Jay R. Palmer vs. Brian Gassaway
3.) Kawika Pa'aluhi vs. Katsuhisa Fuji
4.) Pete Williams vs. Yobo DeLacruz
5.) Joe "Ghetto Man" Charles vs Wes Gassaway
6.) Jay R. Palmer vs. Mauricio Corty

1.) Rumina Sato vs. Yves Edwards
2.) John "The Saint" Renken vs. Falaniko Vitale
3.) Martin DeJong vs. Egan Inoue
4.) Dan "The Beast" Severn vs. Josh "The Baby Faced Assasin" Barnett
5.) Dan "The Beast" Severn vs. Chris "Ghost" Franco
6.) Masanori Suda vs. Egan Inoue

Tito Ortiz: Takedowns

didnt hurt my wallet.