Superbrawl Infomercial?

I understand there has been a previous Superbrawl infomercial....and from the signing of roy Jones Jr. there will most likely be another one coming. The first one was probably somewhat of a success in order to do a followup and bringing in a big name.

does any one have a snippet of the infomercial to post in video form?...would be very interested in seeing it....I'm surprised nobody else had not done this before....I'm a big proponent of this type of direct marketing and would like to see how they promoted this

try site. They really upped that website as well. Big improvements.

Thanks for the reminder on the Superbrawl site, I had seen it a couple of years ago when they were just starting do their video clips on Real Player downlaods and I saw 1 live event over the internet but the quality was poor and unsatisfactory. They have redone the site nicely....but were are the clips /pics of the ring girls, seems I remember they had that on there way back when.

I might be interested in the TV offer of the 2 Superbrawl events , but as far as the Tito Ortiz takedown instructional....I have seen his takedown instructional, IE:, his fight with Randy Couture as Couture took him down at will...

ttt day b4 the event