There are some fantastic fights lined up for this Friday at Superbrawl. Any predictions?

Franklin v Stout.

I'm taking Franklin because the guy has proven he is a bad ass. I've seen Franklin fighting for years, way back when he was in small shows in shady bars in Middletown, Ohio.

Vitale v Fields.

Gotta go with Vitale on this one. Along with Franklin, Fields was fighting in the same shady bars in Middletown, Ohio years ago. Though he has proven to have mighty balls, I don't think his skills have developed as well as Franklin, and I don't think he'll overcome Vitale. Horn put a clinic on Fields last year at ICE. But if Fields can pull this off, he can rise to the next level.

Sims v Sylvia.

The big fight. No more talk. If Sylvia wins, he'll laugh at Sims for the rest of his life. If Sims wins, he'll revitalize his fighting career and smack talk Sylvia forever. These guys do not like each other. They hate each other. This will be a backyard fight. I think Sims will survive Sylvia's initial attacks, wear Sylvia down, and finish him off in the second round ala Conan-style.


sylvia is going to ko sims with out a doubt

"How much money do you want to lose?"


Sylvia should win with his eyes closed.  If not, this will be the biggest embarrassment of his career and should consider going into hiding. 

Super Brawl 38 Main Card Bout Order

Main Event
Tim Sylvia 6'8" 285lbs 15-1 v
Wes "The Project" Sims 6'10" 260lbs 6-5

  • Tim by TKO in the 2nd only because he wants to hurt Sims for a round or 2

Semi-Main Event
Falaniko Vitale 6'0" 200lbs 18-3 v
Ron Fields 6'2" 200lbs 8-8

Ron by ko or tko.

Feature Bout
Jason "Mayhem" Miller 5'9" 175lbs 11-3 v
Mark Moreno 5'9" 175lbs 4-4-2

  • Jason

Co-Feature Bout
Rich "Ace" Franklin 6'0" 190lbs 15-1 v
Curtis Stout 6'1" 190lbs 7-5-1

  • Rich by sub. 2nd round

Main Card Bout
Kolo Koka 5'9" 165lbs 9-5 v
Joe Jordan 5'6" 165lbs 11-6-2

  • Jordan by tko 2nd round.

Main Card Bout

Andre Robert 6'3" 365lbs 14-1 v
Ruben "Warpath" Villarreal 6'4" 280lbs

Andre by tko 1st round.

Main Card Bout
Kai Kamaka 5'10" 180lbs


4 Preliminary Bouts TBA

I agree, Stout by unexpected ko. Wish I could have been there to help train for this one, I will be back soon though. Good luck Curtis.

all depends.

Stout was on a roll before he lost to Prangley, and then Loiseau (which I heard was a bad decision from some and a fair decision from others)

I think Franklin will take it by sub

Sylvia by beatdown


i'm with you law dog...i'll be rootin for Big Wes!

It all depends on which Wes show up. The one that gets KO'd in the first round or the one that gets KO'd in the second

how can simms possibly win..... i cant see any scenerio

Well he has been training for FIVE YEARS so i imagine hes got at least one trick in his sleeve besides getting KO'd

Interesting.....I've never seen Niko get KO'd before!

So Joe you're fighting Kolo again thats another interesting one!


Weigh-ins are tonite. I've heard there may be some fireworks.

I predict Andre Roberts will duck Vince Lucero.

will someone be posting weigh in photo's?

GO Vinceeeeeeeeeeeeeee

great card!!! go franklin and tim