December 5th was the latest Superbrawl here in Hawaii. Egan was set to fight Jason Miller and Ray Serraile was set to fight a kickboxer from the mainland.

There were more fighters from Egan's gym on the card but my schedule lately has prevented me from spending as much time as I would like at his gym.

Ray's fight went pretty much as he planned it. Standup to clinch, takedown, submission via Kimura or armbar. His opponent was tall, lanky, and pretty squirrely on the ground, but Ray sank the submission in in under a minute of the first round. Even though after the fight he said he didn't feel like he had warmed up enough, his conditioning wasn't even an issue.

He's been using workouts from the Mod. 1 and he just keeps getting stronger and faster. His next fight is against Severn in January and it's a huge fight for him. Training is going to take a step UP in the intensity category. Should be good stuff.

Egan came out looking strong and applied a kimura to Jason within the first minute or so of the first round. I swear, I have NEVER seen a kimura that deep before and not see the guy's shoulder rip out of the socket. Jason's hand was literally touching the back of his neck. He was grimacing but started to roll, and roll, and roll, to get out of the submission attempt.

Later, Egan said he put too much into that Kimura and it wore his arms out a bit. Towards the end of the round, he got into the turtle position and rode the last 15 seconds out. When the round was over he got right up and stood in his corner for the entire rest period. That was definitely an influence from our training as I would never let him sit down, slump forward, or do anything other than pacing back and forth while shaking his shoulders out.

The second round started strong and went to the ground again. Jason stacked Egan at one point and from where I was sitting I could see that something happened just by the look on Egan's face as he turned over. Towards the end he got into the turtle and rode the clock out. As he tried to stand, he collapsed on his back holding his ribs. The third round started and since he was unable to continue, the fight was called. I found out later that he broke two ribs.

Even with the whole broken ribs issue, I think it was still a great night. Ray kicked ass, Egan's fight was a huge learning experience for both of us regarding training principles, and Jason showed tons of heart. A night full of warriors who give 100%. What more could you ask for from someone?

True to his warrior reputation, Egan assured me that he was anxious to recover and get back in the ring. I just laughed and told him the sandbags would be waiting for him. ;)

Train hard,


Good summary and info.

Too bad about Egan. Do you know at what moment in the fight it happened? Was it when Jason *stacked* Egan? By stack do you mean takedown or like a body slam or something else?

Never broken a bone in my life so don't have a clue what it feels like. But from people I imagine a rib would be extremely painful :(

Hope he recovers well. Send him my wish's.


I'm not Scrapper nor an expert but I think stacked, as I know it, is when you have someone in a triangle choke w/legs, the person caught in the choke will get to there feet and begin to put presure by leaning forward, which puts pressure on the neck as well as the rest of the body. Sorry if this is a bit confusing but its late.

Best of luck for Egan, he is one tough dude.

woot congrats guys.

roc311 is correct, though it need not be the result of an armbar or choke, you can stack at any time to make your opponent uncomfortable.

Stacking, in this case, was when Jason was trying to pass Egan's guard. It's like getting a pile driver with your hips getting slammed towards your shoulders. I knew that something happened when he did it, I just didn't know the extent of the injury.


Being stacked is not fun at all.

Hey Scrapper did Jason pick (slam) Egan up when he had him stacked? Did Egan injur himself before the fight? I like to hear your thoughts on what happened.

He didn't get picked up, it was an attempt to pass Egan's guard. There weren't any injuries before the fight either.

Good lessons learned for me! Just more training ideas to hide up my sleeve. muahahaha!

Train hard,


Best of luck for Egan. TTT


will you make changes in egans pre fight conditioning?

training principles as in conditioning or fight strategy?

I work around Egan's fight strategy while trying to focus on any perceived weaknesses in his game. He told me exactly what he wanted to do and that's what I got him ready for. He dominated the ground and sank the kimura in almost immediately. A normal person would have either had their shoulder ripped out of the socket or tapped. Not everyone has gumby joints like Jason does. ;) Tons of heart in that guy too.


I see what it means now. Thanks.


thanks Scrapper for the reply