Supercalo = 5 year blue

Guess Calo isn't getting frozen.

calo hook me up with a free year

Calo for president.. Phone Post


 congrats to calo!

Calo, give me one year of your 5 year blue and I'll clean those disgusting dishes for you, for 3 years.

Blood, sweat and tears - that's what I'll put into those dishes...

Maybe a little spit and elbow grease, too...

 i love how calo has in a confused frenzy...they post troll messages of his as news and get burnt...then he posts a legit rumor and they delete the thread..lmao...genius

There needs to be a 'Calo Ground'. The guys too awesome to share a forum with mere mortals. Phone Post


ku3mm3t - Calo GOAT

Ttt Phone Post