superCalo... unmasked?! Or rather... disrobed?

Calo you little lothario. Is this what you do when you're not posting on the UG or developing mMa betting strategies?

Did you tell them that you know Matt Hughes to get off without charges? Phone Post

Is this you Calo???



A couple who decided to have sex atop an outdoor table at a Florida restaurant--in full view of families dining nearby--avoided criminal charges because witnesses declined Monday night to provide statements to police.

The manager of Paddy Murphy's, an Orlando eatery, summoned cops after he "was notified by several patrons that a couple was having sex on a table in view of minor children," according to an Orlando Police Department report.

Tom Murphy told officers that he approached the couple early Monday evening and told them to stop. But the man, identified by cops as Jeremie Calo, responded, "She can't get up at this time." Calo, 32, was referring to his companion Tiffani Lynn Barganier.

Calo and Barganier, 32, are pictured above.

Murphy told police that he directed Calo to "Compose yourself, pay your tab or I'll call the police." Calo, however, signed his check "NO" and then scuffled with a restaurant employee when he tried to leave without paying.

Murphy and the worker restrained Calo until the arrival of cops, who arrested Calo for defrauding an innkeeper.

But Calo and Barganier dodged charges related to their alleged public lewdness on Paddy Murphy's patio. "The parents of the young children that observed Calo and Barganier having sex declined to write statements regarding their observations," noted police. The report does not further detail why the witnesses opted not to provide statements.

Calo and Barganier were both "trespassed from Paddy Murphy's for a period of one year," reported Officer Anthony Wongshue.

^Calo, are you winking in your mugshot or is that an injury from a dishwashing incident? Phone Post

Would smash.

Girl too, possibly. Phone Post

superCalo -

I generally never leave the kitchen without a lucha libre mask on, cause I am man of mystery, and I owe peoples money so try to avoid them find me & get me deport

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