supercan: Blog About Fighting

Just wanted to share my recent MySpace blog about why I am fighting.  For anyone who is interested.


try THIS for free fight blogs bro...


TTT one more time and then I'll let it go.

Didn't you tear your groin a few weeks ago? How's that going?

I tore the shit out of it. It's getting better. Seems like there is great improvement and then it plateaus. It is healing fast enough, though that I'll be ready for August.

Did ANYONE like the blog besides Dreamer? Sheesh. I just need a little love.

Very nice......

OK. One more time. Maybe I'll get some more MySpace friends out of this since I don't have many.


in best Karo/Borat singing voice

"My blog is the best blog in the world..."

to self  Stupid UG idiots just do not get my level of humor.

I thought it was real sweet.

Kind a busy right now can but I'll get around to it.


Thanks, belly! I knew I could count on you!