supercan UG GrandPrix Training 2

Here it is, bitches.  Part 2 of supercan in training.  Come August, someone's gonna sleep in the fire...and it ain't going to be supercan!

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LOL that is so funny!

woulda been outta control if one of your boys hit you in the face.

great vid!

Once again, you guys want no part of this! You know who the real White Ninja is. I take the time to make these videos and I get almost no response. Lousy UG ingrates! My feelings are so hurt now.

goes to corner to rock back and forth and suck thumb

Child abuse IMO


dude, you're fuckin cool man!!!!!!

"woulda been outta control if one of your boys hit you in the face."

Kicking me in the nuts wasn't enough?

Dreamers notes will burn in the fire this August!

Hi, I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC.....


little kid is a killer. put him in against dreamer

Since they're on there as my sparring partners, I suppose my kids deserve a little credit. They are 5 and 4 respectively. Great kids.

One of the little guys asked me after we were done why I called them pathetic. I had to explain that we were just acting. I felt bad.

Dreamer...don't mistake my kindness for weakness, though, sucka!!!!


lol @ watchingMMA

attention whore IMO. I hope you get beat.

Just having fun, dunc. And yes, I may get beat.

wonder if your kids will call there kids pathetic ...

way to teach your children well

I see you took Franklin's advice and dropped to a knee to start the fight...

"wonder if your kids will call there kids pathetic ...way to teach your children well"

It's called a joke, and they understood we were "play acting". Lighten up, pig. Ooops. Did I call you a name?

I've actually trained every night this week and gotten my ass kicked. I made those videos while I was visiting my kids this past weekend. Actually, on my way to train now!

Got my ass kicked in training...AGAIN! I probably overdid it, but I'm trying to "cram" for this test.

Thanks to those of you that have been cool and can see the humor and fun in what I'm doing. Contrary to the videos, however, I am taking this fight and Dan Baker very seriously.

I do not underestimate my aaaponent. I am working on my riddum! I will try to win fairly, squarely!

Good you have some quality training partners.

I learned my BJJ from Matt Thornton and will be learning some more stuff pretty soon.

Mostly just working cardio right now.

My girl wants to make a video of me training this weekend so I'll see what I can do about that and post it up.

Nice video Bryan, funny shit.