SuperFireProWrestling X Prem. ?

Hey, guys. I have an SNES emu and was playing around with this game it's loads of fun. One thing I can't figure out is how to upload different SRMs to put the game in English, add characters and so on. I use the ZNES emu. I believe the latest version. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Hmmm... i played this a while back on EMU. I think i downloaded a prepatched version in english though.


... I couldn't get the patch working either.

I downloaded the English conversion for DC and it really made a nice difference.

I also have the GBA english version although the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Or to protect those guilty of copyright infringement.

I could only find roms which were pre-patched.

I have the patche

attjack: There's a patch for firepro for the DC?

I don't know, I got it a long time ago from some site that's not up anymore.

Kai, do you have a link?

attjack: was it an ISO?

Hakujin: if I had a nice provider, I could..

... a nice provider? Huh? Are you asking for cash?

Hakujin: No a web provider..


No it was a gamesave that I had to get by bringing the DC to a friend's w/ dial up and accessing the page with the DC and then downloading to the VMU. Later I tried to find it again but couldn't. But maybe you could find it out there somewhere still.

Oh, I have that...
It just changes the names of the wrestlers to English..

You can get FAQ's and shit off the web that explain the menus and shit, so you don't really need to have it translated if your keen enough.

Well you need that because it doesn't rename the menu options just the fighters/wrestlers and organizations.

I see.