Superior style for MMA

In one of my many deep moments of thought the other day about the best base for mma (wrestling, BJJ, judo, etc.), I came to the conclusion that some people simply are bad ass, regardless of their chosen discipline. For example, Karo Parisyan sp? is bad ass not just because he is a judoka, but because he is a judoka that can fight.

And likewise, some people simply cannot fight. I have seen All-American wrestlers, elite level judoka, and bjj blackbelts that get their asses owned in a real fight, simply because they just arent fighters.

I am interested in hearing any other opinions on this subject.

Part of it is becoming too comfortable in one style and that get your ass handed to you by someone with less experience or with no fighting ability. Some people stay in one Martial Art and that becomes their own world. Things are not they way they were in the 1970's or 1980's.