Superman Returns/Top Spin f/360

are both horrible. The flying is cool in Superman but the rest is shite from what I can tell. Is Virtua Tennis supposed to be better than Top Spin? I absolutely hate the controls in this game. I'm glad I rented them both instead of buying them.

lol I know a guy who worked on the Superman game. We were all warned to stay away from that steaming pile of shit long before it was released. For the record, he is sorry lol.

Superman and videogames apparently don't go together very well.

Why is Superman the one major superhero that absolutely cannot have a good game?

We all remember superman 64

I got superman 64 and it was unenjoyable.

Superman could have been cool if you could be a cock and just fly off with citizens and drop them into the ocean for no real reason.

Superman is kinda fun if you just fly around and destroy shit! Mission's are horrible. You don't fight any one that good. You don't even face Luthor! Any thing related to the movie is cutscenes. 90% of the game is fighting dragons...for some reason.

They need to let the spiderman guys design all the super hero games. Although I admit the last one lacked something.

The Spiderman games KICK ASS!