Superman & Stun Gun sign four-fight UFC contracts

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                                Superman & Stun Gun sign four-fight UFC contracts

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 Kim Dong-hyun of South Korea agreed a four-match extension with the Ultimate Fighting Championship after a five bout winning streak on Jan. 2.

Kim is the first Asian UFC fighter to achieve such a string of results in the welterweight division.

“Kim still has one match remaining according to the original agreement with the UFC, but the organization offered to extend his contract with satisfactory conditions,” Kim’s agency, IB Sports said, Monday.

“I set several goals this year including re-signing with the UFC as well as competing in four matches,” Kim said

The 29-year-old’s fifth win was a unanimous decision over Nate Diaz of the United States in Las Vegas.

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Dennis Hallman this week signed a new four-fight contract with the UFC on the heels of a booking against T.J. Waldburger at UFC Fight Night 24.

Hallman's long and storied career has recently taken an upswing inside the octagon. He sent Karo Parisyan out of the organization with a first-round TKO victory at UFC 123 this past November and did the same to Ben Saunders after a decision win at UFC 117 earlier in the year.

Hallman this past year discovered a long-running problem with Celiac disease – an allergy to wheat – that had been affecting energy levels both in training and fighting. After cutting grain out of his diet, he said he feels like a new man.

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 Stun-Gun's a non-lethal weapon; not a fan

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