Superman's son, Jonathan, will be Superman for a bit...and Jonathan's gay

But as for Jonathan Kent’s sexuality? Well, yes, that is definitely up for discussion. Before DC Comics’ 2020 5G plans were abandoned, Jonathan Kent was intended to have a relationship with Jenny Sparks/Quantum of the Authority. But now? Jonathan Kent is a human/Kryptonian hybrid, and DC Comics is currently intending him to be portrayed as a queer young man, though the exact labels are up in the air. Or up in the sky. Gay, bi, pan, it may be a while till this comes to fruition on the page. However, that is only one part of the parcel that is Jonathan Kent.

Oh great, super gay… this is their answer to super straight.



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It’s bad enough getting fucked in the ass by a regular guy.


gay GIF

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“Hey Robin…”

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He’s gonna blast Robin’s butthole wide open

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Faggots are the worst thing to happen to this country.


Why in the holy tee phuck do we ever have to even know what a comic book characters sexual orientation is to begin with? Why the phuck should it matter?

I want off this planet


All those poor alien buttholes he is going to go after.

I love talking about the sexuality of comic book characters

They are doing the same to Robin and this was my response to that.

Think at what age people get interested in comics and it is young children. This is about conditioning children’s minds. Sure it may piss off long time older readers but they are doing it so children grow up thinking faggots are normal. Look at the comic sales now and clearly they are not worried about money but instead they are only worried about culture influence. For every older comic fan of course he is not a faggot but for every new reader it normalizes gayness just that much more.

It is evil really.


I think Vindell’s response pretty much nails it.

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DC is broken. The marvel movie machine has crushed all their hopes and dreams. This type of shit will become normal for DC as they try to find a new audience willing to pay for their shit stories.

The funny thing is a dont know I single gau person, adult or otherwise who has ever read comics. So way to go to DC. Another blunder your going to push on what remains of your fanbase.

Guess nobody learned their lesson from Safespace and Snowflake characters

this is called rule 34.