Supermodel Marisa Miller Got Fat

Marisa has a very, very small frame. A single dessert or large portion size, and bam, she’s one of us.

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Her small frame wasn’t a problem 1999-2019.

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She lost a big lawsuit and filed for bankruptcy. Probably can’t afford the trainers, chefs, nutritionists, lipo, boob jobs, etc.

She talked about how she would only diet when she had an upcoming shoot. well, she doesn’t model anymore.

Hope the rumors are true about her becoming ESPN reporter.

Marisa might pass the zoom interview, but she won’t make it through the in person one.

She was so friggin’ hot!


“Marissa, you’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s just Kevin. But hey, maybe leave your son with the babysitter for this shoot, you know? Just this shoot.”

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What did the mother say to Michael Jackson at the beach???

Over 75% of American women gain over 25 pounds during their marriage. I knew this statistic applied to my wife; didn’t know it applied to fitness models as well.


Top of the food chain

She’s the whole damn ecosystem now.

All those interviews about enjoying junk food and hating exercise are funny and cute when you have the perfect body. Not so much now.

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Her diet advice: Marisa Miller’s slim-down tip: eat naked | Page Six

Well she sure gave up the diet.