Supermodel Marisa Miller Got Fat

Her diet advice: Marisa Miller’s slim-down tip: eat naked | Page Six

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Well she sure gave up the diet.

Not good when it isn’t self evident which one was the former supermodel.

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This is the least flattering picture to date

Why are you posting pics from the 90s?

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I’ll still take her. Making yo-yo dieting hot again.

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She’s known as the only only model to pick shoots strictly based on the catering.

All-time great ass.



“Hey that was really great Marisa, we had good light and I think we got some great shots. We’re not going to need you for the next hour.”

“Thanks, it was a lot of fun. I’ll be over here by the buffet.”

Still weird to joke about Marisa becoming a piglet. Last woman I ever thought this would happen to. She was so fit and disciplined.

She was the def of fit

Time and eating disorders be cruel


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Does she have an eating disorder now or did she in her prime?

can’t tell whether she always had a fat chick inside her that she was repressing or just broke and gave up in middle age.

Definitely was starving in her prime.

She just happened to look super hot starving.
She looks 100% average at “normal” weight.