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I know this is a BJJ forum, but I wanted to let everyone know how awesome the site Superstar Judo is. I spoke about in on a different thread, but I wanted to give it a thread of its own because in my opinion it is the gold standard for online training. Even if you don't train judo I can't imagine how you would not like this site. The filming is very professional (clarity, angles, distance, etc) and the voice over on the technique videos is clear and easy to understand. There are currently over a 1000 videos and approximately every month a new superstar is introduced. The superstar roster is as follows:

Darcel Yandzi, Keiji Suzuki, Khashbaatar, Dashdavaa, Davaadorj, Craig Fallon, Tchrikishvili, Liparteliani, Winston Gordon, Neil Adams, Ole Bischof, Euan Burton, Ki-young Jeon.

Almost every day a new video, sometimes two, is uploaded to the site. There are five types of videos that are regularly uploaded. They are:

1) Technique videos – The above superstars demonstrate and breakdown their favorite techniques over a 1-2 week period. For example, Davaadorj may show his drop seoi nage one week (5 videos) while Tchrikishvili will show his ura nage over the next two weeks (10 videos). Techniques include grip fighting, throws, chokes, armbars, reversals, and pins. Each technique video is about 2-3 minutes long and includes no filler (irrelevant or unnecessary information).

2) Interviews – Short interviews (2-3 minutes) with the above superstars on various topics.

3) Competition ippons from the best judokas in the world.

4) Analyses by Neil Adams. – In a short video (2-3 minutes) Neil will talk about a particular judoka and then replicate a technique that he or she executed in competition.

5) Access to a previously released Fighting Films product (e.g., 1995 World Judo Championships: Heavyweights. 53 minutes). In addition to the above videos, members have access to:

6) Neil Adams demonstrating all 40 throws of the Gokyo.

7) Content from previously released instructionals by: Mark Huizinga, Kosei Inoue, Toshihiko Koga, Udo Quellmalz, Karen Briggs.

Membership is only $15 a month, $40 for three months, and $150 for one year. I have been a member for about six months and I don't plan to end my membership any time soon. Some of the judo ground work is absolute gold in my opinion and even though I'll never be able to execute most of the throws, I really enjoy seeing elite level judokas from different nationalities demonstrate their techniques. I'll post some of the videos so you can judge for yourself.


More throws

Big throws

The biggest throws.

Grip fighting




Interviews - You'll need to turn on closed caption for this.

Neil's analysis.


This is an example of what the technique videos look like.

are you affiliated with it? it's totally cool if you are. it seems like an awesome site.

tapnaporsnapbro - are you affiliated with it? it's totally cool if you are. it seems like an awesome site.

Not affiliated at all. I just want my BJJ peers to know about this awesome site. I totally have a grappling crush on it. Lol.

Thanks OP. Gonna check it out.

I am big fan of this website. The videos are top notch.

There's a depth of analysis in the Fighting Films and Superstar Judo videos that's sorely missing in BJJ sets.




Inspirational words by Burton.