Supplements for BJJ

I'm sure there has been a thread on this, but I am on the app and didn't see any in the threads I could view.

What are some supplements you guys use that you found has made a difference?

I use BCAAs before class and notice a big difference when I don't use them. Going to start adding creatine to it as well.

What are some things you guys use? Phone Post 3.0

fish oil.

All you need is Acai! Phone Post 3.0

A healthy diet to reduce toxic load and reduce inflammation. Phone Post 3.0

I use a triple strength glucosamine, chondrotin, and MSM mix. My joints suffer bad if I don't. I have a terrible time sleeping most nights as well so I take zma and it seems to help. Fish oil is also a must. Other than that, tons of water and a better diet when I can. Phone Post 3.0

starting to think about glucosamine. I sip on an electrolyte/BCAA drink before, during, and after training. Hate when I forget it at home. Creatine will work too, but I found drinking tons a water is necessary, helps avoid cramping up for me.

Tried creatine in the mix this morning. Don't think I felt much different, but I don't think it's the kind of supplement you "feel" right away like BCAAs or something. I'm sticking with it just for the sheer amount of benefits it has. Phone Post 3.0

I take glutamine after workouts as well to help with recovery. Phone Post 3.0

^^will do. Vu Phone Post 3.0

Deca keeps your joints nice and supple.


When I was younger I used to take almost everything offered at the supplement stores, lol.
14 years later I've realized that at trite as it sounds a balanced organic diet with lots of berries, spinach, probiotics like yogurt and healthy fats is better than any supplement money can buy. I feel that when I eat grass fed beef, organic chicken and natural foods I recover so much faster.
Lol. I remember when I was 18 I needed msm, glucosamine and a bunch of other stuff just to keep joint pain down. Now at the age of 32 I don't need any of that. I truly believe the high amount of walnuts and olive oil has kept inflammation down and saved my joints.
With that being said the only supplementation I use is a multivitamin by 1) Gaspari called Anavite, 2) a carb creatine drink called size on (this won't bulk you up but is a good source of pre/post energy), 3) Free Form Aminos Amino Max 8000 4) Protein powder.
I get all my diets/supplementation from
Really takes the guess work out of diets for athletics.
Some people may not think the organic price tag is worth it but when you factor in the cost of going out to eat and what you save in bs supplement you come out ahead.
You have guys trying to get any edge with trt, bomba or whatever they can, when in reality a balanced diet can do wonders.

Oh yeah I'm also 100% AGAINST pre workouts. I have a friend who is the chemist behind low carb monster and he said the energy drinks, pre workouts, etc. have all kinds of undisclosed chemicals like designer meth that they do not have to disclose. ?????? Phone Post 3.0