supplements for high blood suger??

My wife was just diagnossed with high blood sugsr. Aside from any medication prescribed is there any vitamin/mineral supplements of special value? Any feedback is appreciated.

well firstly cut out the cause of the prob through dietary modification, then look into taking high doses of:

R-alpha lipoic Acid - approx 700mg/day

chromium piccolinate - Mineral supplement 400mcg per day

Get a good Insoluble/soluble fibre supplement and take it every day (bran/physllium husk supp).

eat more vegetables - green leafy variety!!!!

Increase exercise!!!!!

Im studying Nutrition at university and my father is Borderline type 2 and since i gave these supps to him his blood/glucose levels have fallen!

Most importantly - get them to do exercise - by far and away the best defence!

Read the testimonials at\phyto.asp

This stuff (Phytoplankton) is new. It has never been produced as a supplement (couldn't get the little buggers out of the water) until January, 2006.

"The largest fish, a plankton eating whale shark, lives for over 150 years, grows up to 14 meters long, weighs up to 15 tons, and is sexually active until it dies."

ya I need to get some of that

sputniik is right on. A combo of garlic and hawthorn berry may be a big help also.

cinnamon can be helpfull. get it cheap in bulk at larger walmarts. if you can't deal with the taste, capsules are available. for studies google cinnamon diabetes

there is also some research on green coffee bean. google coffee bean diabetes

The best thing is to first make sure that your body has everything that it needs to do its job in taking care of itself (nutrition).

As for supplements, a new and pretty amazing (based on anecdotal evidence) dietary supplement is Phytoplankton (Marine Microalge) from the west coast of Canada.

Compare it to any vitamin or other supplement.. You will see...

You have to check it out. Well worth your time, I'll guarantee that you wont feel like your time was wasted looking at this stuff.

Read about it here

I have been taking it for about two months. The first thing that myself, my son, and our bjj professor noticed is that our mental clarity increased.. almost immediately...

Ignore the last part of my previous post; I thought the thread was about high blood pressure. Sputniik is still correct though.


I have to say that i was very impressed with the marine plankton video! I have ordered a bottle of the stuff to see how it goes. I have to say that im a little skeptical, but am willing to give anything a go, atleast once anyway.

I think that I got your order last night..

I'll have it mailed out today..

I felt the same way. It all made sense to me and the guy is so.. no hype.. very genuine..

He is grateful to be alive.. for sure..

Freshwater Blue-green algae is considered a "Superfood" and has been around a while. It has 1, maybe 2 species..

Saltwater microalgae is new. He is the only person to produce it, and It has ~200 species in it.

My instructor (BJJ Black belt) watches his food and weight like a hawk. Two things that he noticed after about a week were 1) Mental clarity increased 2)He started losing weight.

I do belive in this stuff.
I charge the least that I can on the web site. If I sell a case a month, I can pay for my one bottle a month..

Thanks... db


I did place an order with you, however you didnt have any shipping o/s to australia so i went to the site directly and ordered from them. your price was marginally cheaper , so if you do set o/s shipping up i will def. come back to your site.

Thanks Sputniik. I'll setup shipping to Australia..


Out of curiosity, who do you train with? What is your instructors name?

I train with a Nova Uniao Black belt In sydney, Rodney Ellis + plus grappling grandfather Larry papadopoulas(competed against saulo Ribeira in first round of ADCC last year) not bad for a 46year old guy losing 2-0 to a legend like saulo.


Pretty impressive. You are fortunate to have such instructors.
I train with Black Belt Luis "Sucuri" Togno at Alliance Jiu-Jitsu of Charlotte, NC.
He takes the Phytoplankton as well. He is losing weight from it (he likes that).
One thing.. For him and myself, if we take it at bedtime, we can't sleep. It seems to make the brain active.. We are switching to taking it in the morning and then around 5pm.


How many times a day are you suppose to take the Umac - i though it was once a day?
Alliance - thats the shit !!! I trainied with Master/Alliance London Uk -its where i started my training. IT was under Roger Brooking!! Another Jacare Black belt. Awesome school great memories - no matter who i train with i will always feel apart of Alliance!

The bottle says 1/2 dropper full twice a day.

Alliance is a family, for sure.

My instructor has a blue belt that moved out of the area and has been offered his purple belt by a number of different instructors but wont accept it. He comes back once or twice a year to test for it. He doesn't have it yet, but won't accept it from anyone else.


I just got my bottle today. will let you know how it goes. Im in the middle of study for university exams so hopefully this will help with the aforementioned mental clarity - lord knows i need some!

Cool, man.
Let us know how everything turns out.

Ok Compoper,

Here are the findings after two days of use! Mental clarity - clear headedness has most definately improved!!!! without a doubt i have been studying solidly for approx 8 hrs a day with a complete lack of brain drain. I have no idea if this is placebo or not, but those are the symptoms that i have at this point.

I made the mistake of taking my second dose too late in the evening. I couldnt sleep, my mind was ticking over my biochemistry notes (good and bad i guess).this is after 8 hrs of studying too!!!!!!

So far so good, im amazed at how quickly this phytoplankton works - really quite amazing!

Gonna be ordering a few more bottles asap for the rest of the family!

Very cool..

The next thing that has happened for me and my buds is that after 2-3 weeks we started dropping weight.
One of the reasons, according to the company, is that the craving for carbohydrates diminishes.